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Anka SumMor

FMCG Sales
& Distribution

We provide scale leverage of large brands to challenger & emerging brands

Brand Partners

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Shared Sales & Distribution Platform

Shared Sales & Distribution Platform

We are a one-stop Sales & Distribution platform that brands can plug & play. We serve all channels like MT, GT, E-commerce and up-country distributors.

Reduced Sales & Distribution Cost

Reduced S&D Cost

The multi-channel reach and shared resources of the SumMor Platform help emerging & challenger brands reduce S&D cost by eliminating the need for CFA, multiple distributors and in-house sales operations.

Reduced Operational Challenges

Reduced Operational Challenges

Distributor & salesforce continuity  by SumMor Platform improves trust with retailers ensuring consistent revenues. Optimized brand management bandwidth for managing sales operations.

Tech Enabled Solution

Tech Enabled Solution

Digitized sales force and backend activities help in efficient operations. Analytics on operational data provides actionable insights for brands.

One Stop Solution for S&D Challenges

Benefits of SumMor Model

We’re a Growing Family




Retail Partners




Budweiser & More

Across Multiple Channels

Telangana, Tamilnadu & Karnataka


“The collaboration between us and AnKaSumMor team has been excellent. Their distribution strength and ability to do great in market execution gives us a strong foothold in the markets served by them. They follow strong business process and are analytical in their approach. SumMor has truly been a great partner and we have enjoyed growing our business with them.”

Vivek Kataria

Sales Director

Bauli India Bakes & Sweets

SumMor Updates

Rajiv Ashok Founders of AnKa SumMor

AnKaSumMor raises 11.6Cr

Disrupting Traditional S&D System

Disrupting Traditional S&D System

Pre-Series A funding from IPV

Pre-Series A funding from IPV

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